Factory Tour 2017 Australia

Factory Tour 2017 Australia


Beginning of 2017 , BONLUCK embraces  its first large group of visitors who are the major bus operators  from  Australia,  Covering almost the whole district of the country,   including WA,NSW,QLD and Tasmania island which marks the new year  of 2017 factory tour!

Together they are here to have a deep visit in the factory, Most of the group members already own BLK buses or are thinking to establish the business with BLK,  

“ The new workshop is quite modernizing, and it is quite amazing and interesting to see that BLK is building more and more new energy buses , including the small van powered by pure electric ,  we feel very conformable during the transport from the airport to the company by the van,” Said Rodd Hood from BCSA.

The group also have a visit to the biggest Nanchang citybus operating group,  exchanging  ideas with the managing ship , there are nearly 80 percent of the buses in the company  are now BLK buses, up to more than one thousand BLK buses are now running on the road.

“The deeply cooperation between Bonluck and  NanChang local citybus group really assured us more trust on BLK product,  it’s good to see that BLK buses is running well in Nanchang, there are thousands of BLK buses running in Nanchang now and they all going well, so what more we need to worry about BLK products?” said Richard Hayes from south Bundy buses,QLD

Local media JXTV also had a interview with the group, and all the members of the group undoubtedly, shows there fully satisfaction to BLK 

The tour turns to be a great success; For sure the visit had firm their confidence to BLK!  

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