Safe,Comfortable,Environmental -- Bonluck School Bus

Safe,Comfortable,Environmental -- Bonluck School Bus


Safety & Quality of School Bus have been regarded as a topic issue in China. Recently, a School Bus Show was held in Nanchang from May. 10th- May. 12th. Lots of famous school bus manufacturers appeared in the International Exhibition Center.

Bonluck Bus and Coach are always focusing on children's growth and safety. Our Mission& Vision are keeping watchful eyes on children safety and pursuing achievements of school bus manufacturing.

On this show, Bonluck absolutely enjoyed most of the reputation with the school bus of Child Prodigy Star series.

Features are as following.

New International Standard School Bus Chassis

Unique U-Hoop Structure

Intelligent School bus Management System

ABS Anti-Lock Braking System

Lane departure warning system

Auto Fire Extinguishing System in Engine Bay

Safety out -push emergency window

Long Nose Design

Lightweight & Green Interior decoration with Cartoon Design


Jiangxi Kama Business Bus Co., Ltd. Is a shareholding enterprise integrating bus design, R&D, producing and sales.

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