BONLUCK Buses Show on Oceania Expo 2019

BONLUCK Buses Show on Oceania Expo 2019

BONLUCK Buses Show on Oceania Expo 2019


During 1st - 2nd and 8th - 9th October 2019, CHTC BONLUCK BUS (BLK) brought its 5 units new bus models participating in 2019 Oceania two most influential bus Expo shows: Australasia Bus & Coach Expo 2019, Bus and Coach Association Conference Programme New Zealand, in this period which was also the 70th anniversary of the People's Republic of China, BLK took the chance to report and celebrated birthday of our great motherland.

Australia is one of the most important markets of BLK, this was also the seventh year BLK continuously participated in Australasia Bus & Coach Expo and launched new products since 2012. Up to now, BLK has launched more than ten varieties bus modes on the market which include the most popular President 2 series, that once it was exhibited had soon caught everyone’s eyes on the show, and fully demonstrated the superior quality of “China made”.

In 2019, BLK keeps on cooperating with the world top class commercial vehicle brands MAN and Scania, jointly develops and customizes in order to meet the changing market demand, and the newly special designed 5 units new bus models were all exhibited on the show.

As the most shining star on the show, the complete skeleton of President Double Deck (JXK6125DH5R) including chassis and body is made by full import stainless steel rectangular tube, the excellent corrosion resistant performance can guarantee 20~25 years continuous running in Australia; the body skeleton uses BLK’s particular patented U shape beam structure, the proper use of rectangular tube, optimized body skeleton and parts light weight structure design are the key points of complete vehicle light weight design.

The overall shape of the bus is originated by BLK who possesses appearance patent, which is optimized and upgraded from double deck bus designed for South American market; the bus uses insect as prototype and designs by specific bionic modeling, the body line is mellow and full, not only conforms to modern aesthetics but also can reduce wind resistance coefficient, which makes the best balance between aesthetics and economy. The front and rear walls are connected with decorative strips of side windows, the bus also uses 0.618 golden section in many areas including rear enclosure door air-inlet grille shape part, rear tail light position, rear windshield and 2 rear doors to reach the best visual effect. The bus line is mellow and full, divided by streamlined line, taking the large surface as datum, matched with the pattern of front-low & rear-high and front-heavy & rear-light, the collocation of line and color makes the bus looks very dynamic, generous and modern.

Bus configuration: 73 seats super-luxury import ADR tourism seats with three-point safety belts and USB port, washroom, refrigerator, upper and lower-layer through-type garbage collection device, all such humanized settings bring the best experience to passengers.

The President 2+ (JXK6127CC5R) which is cooperated and jointly developed with world top class brand MAN has flexible chassis handling performance and outstanding carrying capacity, other features like large loading space and low fuel consumption are also fully described on the bus; It uses BLK classic body design 12360×2490×3735mm and 57+1 seats configuration; This is also the first appearance of German MAN on Australian bus & coach application market, which makes the perfect promotion and once again stands on the top of the best-selling list.


The cooperation between BLK and world advanced technology is wide and far-reaching, from New Zealand municipal public city bus to “Hong Kong & Macao No. 1” running on Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge which were jointly developed with Scania… …, BLK has always been bringing passengers with high quality, high efficiency and comfortable transportation products. On Bus and Coach Association Conference Programme New Zealand, the new exhibit 18m hinged city bus JXK6181 uses low floor design which enables wheel chair up and down conveniently and shows the concern of human nature, configured with Scania chassis and applies the latest independent suspension & EBS system, with safety technology and modernized looking as well as superior performance, BLK buses are attracting more and more attentions and gaining high praise from local people.


On the joint exhibition tour, the new bus models fully exhibited BLK’s strong capability of design and production, also refreshed the public recognition and promoted brand image of BLK’s bus, as a professional bus manufacturer & expert since 1969, BLK will never stop upgrading its products & technology, and stride for its highest vision “Global Faith People Share”.


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