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BONLUCK Bus Hits Multan


             BONLUCK Bus Hits Multan

In the early morning of 5th July, the good news of the high volume well-ended city bus for Pakistan had successfully finished the clearance comes back to BONLUCK.

Equiped with luxury passenger seats, special designed separated driver cabin and disabled ramps etc. high specification, these quantities of city bus fleet to Shanghai port in March and May and arrived in Pakistan in June. During the clearance and PDI test, BONLUCK delivered the experienced engineers to assist the customer and help to training the drivers and mechanics. And also, BONLUCK will provide the strongest after-sales service including technical support and parts depot.

This program gets highly support by BONLUCK and CHTC Group was actively promoted by the advantage of the Belt and Road. And these harvests have truly pointed to the broad prospects the Belt and Road will bring.

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