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The Delegation of MCC Visitd BLK


The Delegation of MCC Visitd BLK


On August 31th,the world-renowned bus air conditioning enterprise---MCC visited BLK.The corporate delegation led by CEO Clas Gunneberg of the MCC company visited BLK and had a successful business meeting with BLK management team.

MCC belongs to the VBG Group of Sweden,which is a leading supplier of high quality HVAC products in North America、Europe and other markets.It has won an excellent reputation in the worldwide market.

The overseas market of  BLK has become increasingly ripe after decades of operation,especially the high-end luxury series of market share is getting higher; So excellent results of BLK,which makes the company get the attention of the whole world.Moreover,the purpose of visit from the delegation is to increase mutual understanding、deepen friendship and promote future exchanges and cooperation biterally.


The deputy GM Ken li 、sales manager Peng liu 、Australian engineer Jason Mckinnon and other people of BLK participated in this reception.Firstly,MCC delegation was well aware of the details、history and past honorssituation of BLK by watching promotional videos of BLK.MCC fully recognized the strength of BLK in the field of bus manufacturing through this visit.They firmly believes that BLK has been fully eligible in supplying to North America,and they were full of confidence in the future of BLK.


Whereafter,the delegation and our company leader had a meeting in the conference room for the further cooperation,finally,the two parties decided to complete the matching and use of 150 sets of overhead, embedded built-in high-end air-conditioning systems in North American market until 2019.


After the negotiations, the delegation of MCC gave a very high appriciation of this visit and discussion,and they hope to maintain friendly cooperation with BLK to create a more favorable development;What’s more,BLK would establish a more complete after-sales service base with CHTC USA.At the same time,BLK will strengthen the cooperation and exchanges between the two parties in order to achieve tripartite common development and progress and to bring better products and serves to the customers of North America.

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