Bonluck bus lighten a new stage in the Melbourne bus show

Bonluck bus lighten a new stage in the Melbourne bus show


Since their first cooperation in 2011, Bus and Coach Sales Australia and Bonluck bus, known as BLK, made their first public significative show in 2012 Maintenance Conference and Bus Expo , Maintenance Conference and Bus Expo is the leading bus event in the Southern Hemisphere and is recognized as the ideal forum for all corners of the Industry to connect. Member operators, suppliers, statutory bodies and other industry representatives can network and be brought up-to-date on a broad range of industry issues.

In the past one year, BLK and BCSA had been devoting themselves to developing a new solution  to meet the market change and distinguish itself from other manufacture in the fierce market competition.

And here, in the 58th Maintenance Conference and Bus Expo , we warmly welcomed our new buses presented on the bus show, More job were done on the details and perfection of the component , BCSA and BLK are now focused more on the production itself , not only the appearance but the product effective itself,  reliability and durability are becoming the core parts we cared .









Based on the standard design, we optimized the whole model with a swing-out style front headlamp bumpers, giving a much easier access to maintain the headlamps.

Also Plenty of new designs and fittings like new wiper system DOGA, new-style roof hatches which are much better reliable then before, fiberglass side panels are also applied on the updated vehicles. New type passenger door with a better seal and easy way to do maintenance,  more feature and details are be revealed .The improvement in details helped us to win attention and appreciation from the customers, and thus make this conference turn to be a great success!

After the bus show , Bonluck Group also paid a visit to BCSA headquarters. The two general managers of BCSA warmly welcomed their honorable partners. The two parties discussed about the new design and specification on future models, and also the future market strategy etc


Bonluck bus had been providing buses for Australian market around 7 years and also once been top three sales in Australian market since 2009. With the continuous creative thinking, quick adaptive to markets, sophisticated international production system and word leading workmanship, We believe that Bonluck bus will, be sure, step onto a new stage!



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