Bonluck bus, Specialized for you, Always your preferred choice!

Bonluck bus, Specialized for you, Always your preferred choice!


To meet the demand of the Australia market and the requirement of our clients, the engineers redesigned the existed models and developed 3 series of vehicles, totally including 7 models. Fashionable and simple design, classical and modern appearance, excellent and outstanding performance, greatly glorified these models, they are destined to be the favorites of the future Australia market.




Based on the original design, the engineers optimized the front headlamp area with brand new Narva lights and out-swing style headlamp bumpers giving users an easier access to the headlamps. The small changes in the appearance of the vehicles, marvelously improved not only the exterior appearance also the convenient operation of each vehicle.


Meanwhile, the engineers have optimized and updated the design and fittings in the interior of the vehicle in considering of making it easier to use and more intimate to human. Full leather trimmed steering wheel highlighted the main color of the drivers cab, created a more cosy room for the driver.


Novel and Fashion luggage rack fitted on SENATOR, impressed our customers with its neat look and convenient utilization.


Fainsa seats offered our customers a much more enjoyable journey.


In consideration of the end users, the engineers paid more attention to details in the whole process of redesign. Larger bin capacity, new wiper system and roof hatch, lighter fiberglass side panels .etc. These fashionable intimate changes in design greatly improved the utilization and comfort of the whole vehicle. These new models should be an appealing choice for our customers.

These new models are the products of the demand of times and modern aesthetic. Birth of the models helped us win more market opportunities in the fierce competition and destined to be the guideline for the coach market for it fatherly enhanced experience for both driving and riding to undertake diversified demands which lead edge to the severe competition.


Jiangxi Kama Business Bus Co., Ltd. Is a shareholding enterprise integrating bus design, R&D, producing and sales.

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